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Monkey Grind Friends,

I'm so glad you found something that connects with you!

  • First, find it below. Then, add to your cart and check out. Make sure to select Monkey Grind pick-up as your shipping option.

  • Is your new art on the counter? Take it home! I'd love to see it in your space too - tag me!

  • Is your new art on a wall? After your order is complete, please take care to discard the price sticker next to your piece. It will be available for pick-up at Monkey Grind (hey, that's where you are right now!) from Feb 24th - 28th. If you can't grab your piece during that window, I will contact you to arrange pick-up. If I have another painting suitable for the wall space yours is on, I will contact you with early pick-up options so you can bring your new artwork home sooner!

If you connect with my work as an artist and would like to commission me, click here for all the details. Or if the words "art rental" bring music to your ears, I do that too.

Thank you x1000000

- M

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