Artist Background


Mercedes Dalles-Steffen (she/her) is a self-taught artist born in Madison, WI, raised in Sioux Falls, SD, and currently living in Seattle, WA. She creates intuitive abstract art and works with acrylic paint and a variety of mark-making utensils. Relying on her instincts, she creates freely, often re-painting the same canvas multiple times until it comes together. Her creations are born from a longing to share herself with the world and a need to act on ideas of creation without excuse. She believes that everyone has a creative purpose, important perspective, and imagination that add value to the world, and she aims to cultivate an environment of peace and self-expression through art her collectors can truly connect with. When she is not working as an accountant, she is developing her creative career, spending time with her husband, pets, and family, singing karaoke, cruising in her Subaru, or planning for future adventures.


Longing to Do Something

I've always been on the move - school, moving, work, wedding, traveling, buying a home, moving across the country. Along the way, I lost motivation to do anything. I knew I wanted to do something, create something, and share myself with the world, but everything felt so difficult. I had a long list of hopes and dreams but wasn't moving towards anything. My creations were born out of those desires - a longing to be something different, and a need to act on my ideas of creation. Through medication and counseling, I was able to act on these desires. I'm finding so much joy, especially with product photography and social media, and I'm impressed by the journey I've been able to walk so far. I'm learning to create and explore with different mediums, be part of a community, teach myself how to find value in my work, and enjoy displaying my creations on the walls of my home (that is, before they become part of your collection).


My Message To You

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live inspired - by the people they surround themselves with, the music they listen to, the mug they use for tea, the plants in their garden, the art on their walls, the tiny framed print on their nightstand. You deserve your own slice of the world, intentionally created and curated by you, to serve as your place of self-expression. A place that is shamelessly pure and inspires the deepest of creative desires. I believe that everyone has a creative purpose, an imagination that adds so much value to the world and those around them. Whether you are creating art, sewing, singing, writing, dancing, crunching numbers, or even coding - you deserve an environment that releases your creative inhibitions. When you emotionally connect to the components in your space, you can feel like you truly belong. My paintings aim to do just that - to be an intentional component in your slice of the world that contributes to your self-expression and feeling of belonging, and inspires your deepest creative desires.