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I’m Mercedes Dalles-Steffen (she/they), a self-taught artist based in Seattle, WA. I create intuitive abstract art and primarily work with acrylic paint. My creative practice has expanded from acrylic and canvas to experimenting with gouache, Yupo paper, collage elements, pencils, paint markers, ink pens, pastels, and more. My work usually has common color schemes, with greens, blues, and purples, both moody and bright. I find joy in creating layers, following my intuition, and doodling throughout my work. Relying on my instincts, I create freely, often trying new things and painting over old pieces. My creations are born from a longing to share myself with the world and a belief that everyone has a creative purpose, important perspective, and valuable imagination. Through my passions, I connect with others and find fulfillment in my impact. Above all, I hope my artwork inspires your self-expression and deepest creative desires, and invokes a joyful peace and sense of belonging.


My Message To You

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live inspired - by people, music, plants, wall art, colors, dishware, and more. To have a slice of the world intentionally created and curated to serve as a place of self-expression. A place that is shamelessly pure and inspires the deepest of creative desires. I believe that everyone has a creative purpose, an imagination that adds so much value to the world and those around them. We are creative souls and our acts of creation are innate, ingrained in our daily routine disguised as cooking, painting, crunching numbers, gardening, or planning. We deserve an environment that releases creative inhibitions. When we emotionally connect to the components in our space, we can feel like we truly belong. My paintings aim to do just that - to be an intentional component in your slice of the world that contributes to your self-expression and feeling of belonging, and inspires your deepest creative desires.

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