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Mercedes Dalles-Steffen (she/they) is an artist living in Seattle, WA. They create intuitive mixed media art, primarily with acrylic and canvas, and regularly experiment with various other mediums and surfaces. They find joy in creating layers and doodling throughout their work. Relying on their intuition, they create freely, often trying new things until something 'clicks.' Their creations are born from a longing to share themselves with the world and a belief that everyone has a creative purpose, important perspective, and valuable imagination. Through their passions, they connect with others and find fulfillment in their impact. In addition to visual art, they enjoy photography, singing, volunteering, and managing a mini zoo of two cats (Tommy, Belly) and a playful rescue pup (Lady).


Artist Message

My artistic process and collection of works aim to evoke creativity inherent to the human experience and vital to self-expression. I am driven by helping my community and recognizing the value of the diverse abilities and perspectives of others. I am passionate about breaking down barriers for self-expression, and offer reassurance that no one really knows what they are doing. My works reflect this carefree nature, and I create to contribute to the belonging, creativity, and self-expression of those around me.

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