The Commission Process

Define Your Vibe

Collect three examples of art or photography that inspire you. Pick colors that speak to you and draw on the emotions you want your home or business to evoke. Choose an example of your preferred painting style as well, or choose a painting style you enjoy from my portfolio. I can also help you determine the best size and color scheme for your space, choose between canvas or paper, and identify your framing needs.

Image by Patrick Perkins

Rough Drafts

I will create between one and three rough drafts - small works in a sketchbook - to make sure I've captured your vibe perfectly. You can suggest changes or point out your favorite elements that you'd like in your final painting. This process also allows you to identify what inspires you, makes you happy, and invokes the perfect mood for your space.


Final Creation

I will start the month-long process of creating your final painting. We will have two check-ins (mid and end of month) where you can identify elements you'd like more of and elements you'd like less of. This can be related to anything at all - structure, colors, linework, or little details. After the work is complete, it will be shipped off to you, ready to hang in your space!




  • To help determine if a commissioned painting is a good fit for your home or business, starting prices for various sizes are listed below. Keep in mind that these prices will vary based on your desired materials and complexity. Sizes can be completely customized to best fit your space.

  • ​50% non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance of commission by artist. Remaining 50% plus shipping costs paid upon completion of artwork and due before shipping of final piece.

  • Shipping will be billed separately, estimate to be provided before collection of initial deposit.

  • To avoid high shipping costs, canvas and paper creations can be shipped rolled in a tube, without stretchers, frames, or supports. If we determine this is best for your situation, you are responsible for the cost of stretching or framing upon receipt, if desired.

  • 10% of commissions will always be donated to the non-profit To Write Love On Her Arms, or another charity of your choice.


  • Commissioned works can be on fine art paper, wooden panel, gessobord, or canvas, and sizing can be customized to fit your space - if I can find something to paint on in your desired dimensions, I will do it!

  • Canvases and panels come in traditional profiles (3/4 in. unframed, 1.5 in. framed) or gallery profiles (1.5 in. unframed, 2 in. framed) - I can help you choose what is best for your space. 

  • Framing estimates can be provided upon request.

12 x 12" - $240

16 x 20" - $360

18 x 24" - $420

24 x 36" - $600

36 x 48" - $840


Looking forward to working with you! I'll be in touch soon.